Gemscool Yulgang Online

Gemscool Yulgang is an online game that popularized by gemscool which has several things that do not offer similar like there is emotion (not just the emoticon) where the bringing of his own experience we can provide suitable with that we wish, the ability to play mp3 's from a collection of songs that we have as well as online gaming system which is different from the others.

Yulgang gemscool own story lines of various parties, job or quest, and politicking, where having attained a level 35, players must select the follow the flow of white or black stream. The selected stream can change who can kick he had learned later on time will meningkankat own upbringing and appearances by stars. The bringing in of the same job but not the flow can take advantage of similar attire are not similar.

Yulgang gemscool Guild is in the party, match the background of the world persilatan. Players are able to start to build after the party attained a level 35 to coincide with the time the player must choose to follow the stream of interested. party in yulgang is not only comprised of the party just because of something the party consists of most groups in it IE: mun, pa, wang, sega, jang ryong and chun,. This is what makes guild system in yulgang is not similar to the guild system normally.

The latest features which provide uniqueness on a guild in the game something online in yulgang gemscool online indonesia. Most in the game something kala founded something guild, we just limited to make a special logo for the guild. But in yulgang tak just pisses the party emblem, something the party was able to make his clothes myself with the emblem and colors chosen by the player himself. The party also contrived fashion is not just something characteristic of something, but the guild party dress is also able to upgraded like any other clothing.