Gemscool Atlantica Online

Gemscool Atlantica is an online fight games, using classical fighting systems of the turn based RPG game.Even this game not only fight with a direct enemy attack, but by relying on a strategy and tactics that make these games have a variety of ways and strategy to win.

Atlantian (designation for the Atlantica Online players Indonesia) can recruit 8 of 21 mercenary (and will be) to go adventuring together. Find the right combination of mercenary to be waging deadly attacks, and found the weakness of your opponent

Atlantian can form a guild that can later be utilized for control of a city. When successfully controlled the city, the Atlantian can also set conditions of the city itself, including security settings, culture, industry, Commerce, health, and development planning of the building.

When the city overwhelms the Atlantian, the Atlantian may become supreme leader (King) who has the ability and the British are not owned by other players. Atlantian can invite others, or other guild to come into power nationnya, and can challenge other war nation.

Gemscool Atlantica Online Indonesia provides an economic system can be determined by the player's condition. Players can make their own (crafting) almost all weapons of war and other goods after collecting crafting materials during adventuring. Atlantica was developed to create a ' request ' and ' make ' the necessary material supplies as a way to stabilize the economy


Inhabitants of Atlantis became very prosperous after they create a substance called Oriharukon. The desire to learn the secrets of this mysterious material, many other civilizations pleaded passionately to the inhabitants of Atlantis to share their knowledge, but they rejected it, closed their doors to strangers.

People who insist, was brutally destroyed by the inhabitants of Atlantis. In the end, the inhabitants of Atlantis Crystal 4 exhausted all supplies, raw materials for Oriharukon. Their thirst for the crystals bring devastation to the greatest civilization 4 (Yellow River, Indus Valley, Mesopotamia, and Egypt), and make their plans to rule the world to find the other crystals.

But the arrogance and greed of the inhabitants of Atlantis just deliver them to death. When they lose control of supernatural powers created of Oriharukon, Atlantis vanished in an instant. But, the rest of Oriharukon still exists.

To continue the hazardous trips destined for you as a descendant of Atlantis. To find your land, who disappeared from the face of the Earth a long time ago. To meet the takdirmu: Save the human race from the devastating effects of Oriharukon, the source of the power of destruction belongs to Atlantis.

You will embark on a great journey that will take you to places that are mysterious and dangerous worldwide, throughout the history of time and human life. You will enter the fight-the countless battles against the creatures of legend and bizarre creations, which mutated and lethal because of the effects of Oriharukon. In addition, you have to help the soldiers paid you meet along the way, fight the enemy together. You will gather clues from the old civilization are left, which will lead you to the land of the lost Atlantis, as well as the secrets contained therein.

Turn-based Battle System

Atlantica back to the roots of traditional RPG and combines a classic turn-based combat and combines movement elements for deep strategic action! Enjoy tactical combat that has been missing from the modern MMORPG.

Mercenary System

Recruit up to 18 Mercenary to join in your journey. Have up to 8 Mercenary who fought with you in the battle, and set the strategimu in accordance with the existing situation. Plan your new tactics and maneuvers along the fight to find the enemy's weaknesses. Level and rank of the Mercenary, as are the karaktermu, will continue to rise if they are getting stronger.

Player Versus Player

Test your courage and guts against a fellow player. Participate in Free Leagues will test the strength of bertarungmu every three hours in a single day. And the money League preview yours on your strengths by creating a Challenge; then defeat all comers who want to take it away from you.

Town Government Control/System

Players have the ability to operate the guild that can arrange a city. At that time, many things can be set up for the community of the city, including the Municipal Act for security, customs, industry, Commerce, health, and planning as well as the construction of the building. If you set up a city, you have the potential to shape your country on its own. If you are bringing together the power, you can be a King, with the ability and powers that are not owned by other players. You can hire more people and affect the guild Chairperson under according to become stronger. In addition, you can make war with other countries to obtain wealth.


The Guild represents unity of almost all MMORPGS, so are here. Guild offers cooperation to enhance the playing experience. However, membership in a guild at the Atlantica offers much more than that, including ease of crafting, dungeon exclusive property of the guild, and the guild points can be exchanged for rare items.

The Mentor System

Build and strengthen friendship during a search Atlantismu! Bring with you a new and adventurous for your experience with beginners. Receive a gift when your students reach level 30.

Knowledge Impartation System

Teach the skills that you learn to kawan-kawanmu, or share your knowledge about monsters that you have encountered with newcomers to help them on their way.

The Economic System

Atlantica has an economic system run by the player. Playerlah that do almost all the crafting items and equipment in the game after collecting the required materials are scattered throughout the world. Atlantica was designed to create ' demand ' and ' supply ' of proficiency level materials in such a way to ensure the stability of the economy.

Crafting System

Forging weapons, create potions, and supply the necessary use a variety of materials obtained from your enemies. Not just up there! Learn to 34 different crafting abilities and learn up to 100 levels to get items for crafting abilities more powerful. Refine weapons through the enchantments or enhancements to have greater resistance to damage. Refine weapons will shine, bring the deepest fears for your enemies.