Gemscool Age Of Wushu Online

The Gemscool Age Of Wushu Indonesia is the newest online games to be launched by the ZBOX, the publisher behind the game Cabal Online Indonesia.

The Age of Wushu is a MMORPG game that offers the experience of the world martial arts persilatan. Provides 8 different universities, the gameplay with realistic life-like packaging martial arts, you can embark on as a Kung Fu Warrior.

The most anticipated MMORPGS in 2012 was developed by Snail Games, a developer based in China.

Features of The Age of Wushu Indonesia

Here's an interesting features that you can enjoy in the Age of Wushu in-game:

8 College

You will be offered to choose one of the available College 8. Each College has a special skill and different weapons.

The 8th College it is Shaolin, Emei, Wudang, Scholars, Beggars, Wanderers, Sect. Tangmen Valley, and the Royal Guards.

As mentioned above, every college has a special skill and different weapons. For example, using the Dagger weapon Emei College and have expertise in group healing, whereas the College use the musical instrument as a weapon and skill in musical attack.

Life Skill

In the Age of Wushu Indonesia available 4 primary professions you can choose namely, Culture, Gathering, Manufacturing, and Marketplace.

The profession of culture includes a musician, weiqi-player, calligrapher and painter.

Gathering profession is a profession that allows you to process raw material (raw material) that later can be used by other professions. Gathering professions include farming, woodcutting, mining, fishing, and hunting.
The profession of Manufacturing includes a tailor, cook, craftman, poison-maker, a herbalist and a blacksmith.

Professions include beggar and diviner Marketplace.

PvP PvE – Features

In the Age of Wushu Indonesia you can challenge over 25 NPC and get experience if it managed to defeat him. In addition, there are 13 Forbidden Areas that you can explore to get the reward and exp.

There is also a feature that allows your Guild War challenged the other guild to occupy territory belonging to the opposing guild. Every day, a guild can send a challenge to the guild opposed to do guild war.

In addition to Guild War, war more that you can do is School War. This war is much larger and can involve 300 players.

There is no Class or System Level

In the Age of Wushu game online, not available class or leveling system. Instead, you can learn the skills and determine 70 Internal path that you want.

The Offline Feature

This is the most unique feature in the Age of Wushu Indonesia. When you're off, doesn't mean the characters you also join offline. Available 30 activities that could have a character you do when you're offline. For example to become farmers, tailors, blacksmiths, or other activities.