Gemscool Dragon Nest Indonesia

Heard about Gemscool Dragon Nest Indonesia is certainly a little strange, but who are familiar with the Forum gemscool course this is starting to be heard on 28 June 2012. With the birth of Dragon Nest will automatically become part of the coolest gaming forum in Indonesia.

Dragon Nest is a game from Korean Indonesian Eyedentity works by using engine called Eternity. For the Indonesian market game Dragon Nest is distributed by PT Kreon Indonesia Indonesia as the manager of the largest gaming portal, Gemscool.

Dragon Nest is certainly Fantasty game action MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) has the best graphics display. Dragon Nest Indonesia will result going to be favored by gamers in Indonesia.

Dragon Nest on Indonesian friend can play a variety of fascinating characters storylines taken from Dragon Nest, which is equipped with various types of weapons and equipment that fit. Beside that, all kinds of skill and strength to mate well learned for improving the ability to defeat the monsters in the instance dungeons and defeat the other players.

Dragon Nest success in the Korean and southeast asian countries certainly how the picture that gemescool Dragon Nest feeder and exploded in popular games lovers Indonesia.