Forum Gemscool Indonesia

Through the Forum Gemscool  that was carried directly out by Gemscool through the company of PT Kreon Indonesia you could discuss all the matters about game online gemscool, beginning with pelaporan cheated, asked about how the game et cetera. Apart from as the place of discussions about game online, this Forum could be also used as the place to give full rein to when experiencing the problem with akun Gemscool that was you used.

Considering information in the forum not only from admin, but from several members who were registered in the forum gemscool all of them could play an active role in gave information concerning the newest matter that happened in the game gemscool online.

If you were some gamer true, was convinced you knew precisely like what game that was managed by the side gemscool as game the first online portal in Indonesia. The portal game this was the pioneer of the site of the portal game online at the same time becoming the biggest site and most popular in this country.

This forum had the aim of providing some information for you as the user and the user game online that was managed by the side gemscool.

The warning

Playing used cheat definitely could be affected by sanctions arrive in was closed account/banned.